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A Message From Dr. SlothHello, puny Neopian. I see you're here to browse through my database of 128,872 Neopets images. This is good... Type anything your fledgling little brain can come up with into the search bar above. My minion grundos are working around the clock to add new images and improve tags, but if anything is amiss, contact me and I'll see to it that at least one grundo gets ejected into deep space. - F. Sloth

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Unconverted Pet SWFs

Posted by Dave

Some of you have emailed in to request that we add in SWFs to the DrSloth database. But unfortunately, it's rather difficult to index the Neopets SWF files since they require a lot of additional information to be fed to them besides having one single URL handy. (And some SWF files won't even work unless you're logged into Neopets... something we definitely can't do here on DrSloth.com)

However, there is a nice list of SWFs that is easy to compile and share without any of the mess that some of the Neopets flash comes with! So, we've put together a listing of the Unconverted Pet SWF URLs for you to enjoy. It's basically a giant page showing all of the Neopets that had the option to remain unconverted with links to their pretty SWF images.

» Check it out! «

In the future, you can find this page linked from our "By Category" page up in the top navigation bar.

I feel pretty,
Oh, so pretty,
I feel pretty and witty and bright!
And I pity,
Any girl who isn't me tonight.

Did you know?

Posted by Dave

For today's search tidbit of the day, type "animated" as a keyword into the search box, and you'll get a list of all the animated images we have tagged!
Dr. Sloth

Welcome, pitiful Neopians.

Posted by Dr. Sloth

> FROM: Dr. Frank Sloth <sloth@virtupets.com>
> TO: General Neopian Public <all-users@neopets.com>
> Hello, citizens of Neopia.
> I have a special announcement for all of you, today.
> It has come to my attention that Neopia was in need of a database of Neopets images. Wanting to exploit capitalize on this emerging market, I set out to create an image emporium.
> At my image database, you will find a large catalogue of tagged and categorized Neopets images that you can search through and find precisely what you are looking for. Looking for the too smart for his britches King Hagan? Got it. Valuable, money-making bottled faeries? Also check. The greatest mastermind in the universe? The database would be worthless without.
> I have overseen the enslavement of countless Grundos to see this project to completion, and I am proud to say that it is finally ready for public use. Enjoy it, or face the wrath of my death ray.
> Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Step over here. No, it's not where my death ray is aimed. I swear on the life of a thousand Grundos.
> - F. Sloth