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Happy 10th Birthday, Jellyneo!

Posted by Dave

We're 10 years old today! Waaaayyyyy back in 2004, Jellyneo started as a rather small fansite with no game guides, a few unreleased news findings, and a couple of image viewers. We've grown a bit since then.

So far this year, we've served well over 800,000 visitors, across seven major departments that contain:
  • A complete Item Database
  • A Wardrobe to come up with ways to dress your pet
  • Our massive Book of Ages, housing everything you'd want to know about Neopian lore
  • A Battlepedia for all your battling needs
  • A community of fellow Neopians (which you should sign up for!)
  • A database listing all the Neopets images you could want to find
  • And, of course, our main site, with over 4,000 pages of game guides, articles, and other Neopian help
Our big birthday surprise this year was a revamped Book of Ages, but we have more to come. Over the next year, we'll be slowly but surely revamping the rest of Jellyneo to have one unified layout with the goal of making it easier to find everything Jellyneo has to offer.

Here are some previews of what's to come:

After 10 years of success, we want to thank YOU our trusty visitor who has come back day after day, month after month, and year after year to make use of the Neopian help we provide. Without your feedback, suggestions and ideas, we wouldn't be nearly as prolific and useful. (And even the bug reports! We love fixing things!)

So thanks for visiting, and here's to 10 more years of Jellyneo! :)

A Minion's Helpful Hints to Graphic Battles

Posted by Link

Hello! Aloha! Ciao!
As some of you may know, over on the Jellyneo Forums we have a little competition known as the Graphic Battle. To spread the word about the battles and to give some helpful hints I, with consent from Rylon who runs the Graphic Battles, have decided to show case images found here on DrSloth that would help out the new comers and veterans alike. Any time you noticed a Neopet themed round, such as this one, pop on over here to see what might give you a competitive edge against the other battlers. That being said, lets move onto this round's images!

The theme for the current round is the Altador Cup! Sounds easy right? Sure there are a plethora of images to pick and reap the boundaries from, but it's not that simple. This round you must create an Altador Cup SHOP BLOG.

What is a shop blog?

Don't know what a shop blog is? Here are some examples:

Shop blogs are simple additions to shops that TNT has provided on Neopets, located here. Shop Blogs provide some flare to your shop and allow you to have more things to say to your potential customers. They are by no means necessary to have, but they do look nice! Notice how the images above have a small translucent box depicting where text would go, this is a key element to shop blogs. Your graphic needs to be eye catching and interesting, all the while it might be a good idea to also go a simplistic route with it as well, though you can disregard the notion if you wish to do so.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make your own shop blog image (don't worry about the coding, just make the image) with an Altador Cup theme. Dimensions are thrown out of the stadium this round, but try to make something that will comfortably sit in your shop.

What should I look for?
First thing you might want to consider is looking through our collection of shop blogs, found here and get a grasp on what you should aim for.

Next, I suggest search for tags relating to the Altador Cup, since that IS the theme and what not. Be wary of what you search for though! Tags such as "Altador" or "Altador Cup" and even "Yooyuball" have proven to be bountiful and maybe even too cluttered to find the image you are looking for. Be specific with your search! Look up specific teams and or players to yield the best results! I typed in Team Altador and was able to pick out some images that could possibly help me:

Size is important here, so consider using the advanced search to look for the perfect dimensions! Try looking for something around 300x300, as this is around the average for a shop blog.

Well, that's all I got. Tune in next time for some more helpful hints!

And good luck to all teams participating in the games! (especially Altador)


Unconverted Pet SWFs

Posted by Dave

Some of you have emailed in to request that we add in SWFs to the DrSloth database. But unfortunately, it's rather difficult to index the Neopets SWF files since they require a lot of additional information to be fed to them besides having one single URL handy. (And some SWF files won't even work unless you're logged into Neopets... something we definitely can't do here on DrSloth.com)

However, there is a nice list of SWFs that is easy to compile and share without any of the mess that some of the Neopets flash comes with! So, we've put together a listing of the Unconverted Pet SWF URLs for you to enjoy. It's basically a giant page showing all of the Neopets that had the option to remain unconverted with links to their pretty SWF images.

» Check it out! «

In the future, you can find this page linked from our "By Category" page up in the top navigation bar.

I feel pretty,
Oh, so pretty,
I feel pretty and witty and bright!
And I pity,
Any girl who isn't me tonight.

Did you know?

Posted by Dave

For today's search tidbit of the day, type "animated" as a keyword into the search box, and you'll get a list of all the animated images we have tagged!